The Marchand Brothers

"Honours & awards"

générique fromage
  • Master Cheesemaker-affineur of the Guild
  • Member of the "Taste Fromage de France" Cheese Society
  • Member of the Guild of Cheesemaker-affineurs
  • Twice voted “Traditional Cheesemaker (Artisan fromager)” of the year by the “Pudlowski” Guide, Paris
  • Recommended by the Champerard guide of cheesemakers-affineurs
  • Elected member of the “Prosper-Montagné” Quality Club for cheesemaking and maturing
  • Master Breeder of Bresse chickens

The Marchand establishment was also awarded the Rabelais d'Or Trophy for French Gastronomy and is regularly featured as a reference in various regional, national and international newspapers and monthly publications, such as  Le Point, L'Express, Modes et Travaux, Ici-Paris, etc.

Some cheeses to discover ...


AOP Farm-produced Brie de Melun

Le Brie de Melun fermier AOP

Thyme-blended Petit St Nicolas

Le petit St Nicolas au thym

Goat's milk Tomme with Pyrenean Espelette pepper

La Tomme de chèvre au piment d’espelette des Pyrénées

Napoleon Tomme

Tomme Napoléon (de notre ami des Pyrénées)

Bonde de gâtine

La Bonde de gâtine

Vintage Jura Comté

Comté millésimé d'alpage du Jura

Beaufort de chalet d’alpage AOP