the "Marchand Brothers"

"The story of a family"

générique fromage

Make no mistake, the "Marchand Brothers" is not merely a name - behind the cheese business lies a genuine family story...

Philippe Marchand is following in his family's long tradition in fresh dairy produce (butter, eggs & cheese), ensuring the continuation of the profession and the unique savoir-faire of one of the oldest food establishments in eastern France, the secrets of which have been passed down through four generations since 1880... Philippe, whose family originally imported and exported eggs, can remember a time when no one knew how to make the hens lay in winter and when cases full of eggs used to arrive from the other side of the world at Nancy station. Female workers used to be recruited to delicately unpack the straw covered stacks of eggs, which were then stored in large clay pots in the cellars behind the family house, in rue Emile Gallé. The house is no longer home, as it once was, to several generations of the family, however Philippe still has fond memories of his childhood years during which it was not unusual to find twenty people around the table for dinner. Today, the Marchand brothers continue to work at the back of this large house where they manage the arrival and preparation of game and the maturing of cheeses. The brothers complement one another and have together come to represent fine taste in Nancy. Philippe, an active member of the Select Committee of the French Association of Cheesemakers-Affineurs, is in charge of the cheese business, while Patrice manages the kitchens of the 'Lez’art', 'P’tit Cuny' and 'P’tit resto du marché couvert' restaurants, and Eric the shops.

Philippe Marchand brings much more to the business than his cheese-making savoir-faire, he is also heir to ancestral cheese recipes, such as the stuffed Brie, invented by his mother. This Brie contains 200g of finely sliced Perigordian truffles and requires two weeks' maturing in the cellar, covered with and on a bed of straw. He is also responsible for the "Gros Lorrain" cheese, which he has actually managed to resurrect thanks to a long-lost recipe. Philippe Marchand is no stranger to innovation either and, with the complicity of his producers, has developed some surprising new creations - take a look at the wonderfully delicate colour of the fresh wasabi-flavoured goat's cheese; this fresh and tangy combination will leave your taste buds in awe.

One must not forget though that this story of cheese and affinage is also a story of terroirs and those that work on them. In this respect, Philippe has maintained all of the relationships that his mother and grandmother forged with small-scale cheese producers, from the orthodox monk living deep within the Mediterranean back country to the farmer in the Doubs region and the cheese-producing doctor from Larzac. Each of these passionate producers receives an annual visit from Philippe and even though, despite his family connections, he has had to prove himself to some of them, each of them possesses, cultivates and protects a precious taste of cheese.

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