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“ The Gros Lorrain, created by the Marchand brothers, from raw cow's milk Cheese tasting note: matured to perfection ”

Le Gros lorrain (Création des frères Marchand)

The Gros Lorrain, created by the Marchand brothers, has been matured to perfection and boasts a chalky, yet melt-in the mouth flavour

An ancestral recipe revived by the Marchand brothers.

The Gros Lorrain can be likened somewhat to the Crayeux de Roncq. Like Munster, it has a very distinctive character, but is fruitier with a runnier texture. Gros Lorrain has a powerful taste, yet remains mild on the palate, giving off subtle fruity aromas. It can be enjoyed both warm or cold. The Gros Lorrain is matured in the cellar at 11°C for 3 to 5 months, compared with 3 to 6 weeks for a Munster, and is also much bigger than the latter. The rounds weigh 5kg each, measure 33cm in diameter and their production requires 40 litres of milk, which makes the Gros Lorrain the largest soft ripened cheese with a washed rind made in France. As pointed out by Cheesemaker-affineur, Philippe Marchand, the reason for the cheese's disappearance was most likely due to its unusual format and tricky maturing process.

  • Category: Soft ripened cheeses with a washed rind
  • Type of milk : Raw, unpasteurised milk
  • Region : Vosges
  • Producer : Frédéric
  • Weight : 5 to 6 kg
  • Ageing : 3 months
  • Strength of flavour : Distinctive character

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