Les Frères Marchand

"The Marchand Brothers of the world. "

The Marchand Brothers have a well-deserved reputation for excellence in the land of the rising sun, thanks to their solid experience in Asia and in particularly in Japan

Each week, several hundreds of cheeses fly off to Japan and elsewhere in Asia. Thirty some shops throughout Asia sell the Le Gros Lorrain (an original creation by the Marchand Brothers), the tender tommette, the bergamot-flavoured goat's cheese, the Wasabique that combines the power of Wasabi with the mildness of fresh goat's cheese or the more traditional Comtés, all stamped by Philippe Marchand, master cheesemaker.

After Japan, Holland and more recently the United States, the Marchand Brothers have continued to develop on the Asian market by setting up a sales point. 

With over 450 cheeses, the Marchand Brothers joined ranks with Les Brasseurs de Lorraine, La Charcuterie Bentz and the Alsatian wine grower Dussourt, to export beer, charcuterie, wine and regional products from Lorraine and Alsace in addition to cheese.

The Marchand Brothers' ambition is not limited by borders.  Their biggest strength? They offer local training to "educate" local resellers about French cheese culture, which is unique in the world.

There are very few cheesemaker-ripeners with the passion to travel around the world to share their experience.

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